Services Offered



- General Engineering

ACDC as a "Builder" comprises technical support staffs with expertise in the field of construction of the Roads, Highways and Bridges (DPWH Projects). Our Manpower starting from the bottom to Site Engineer are informed of DPWH Specification Standards. As such, project implementation of the above is 100% acceptable and good quality control.

- General Building

ACDC Role in Building Construction is very strict. Both civil and architectural engineering works, Drawings and Specifications are manage by competent and experienced Project/Architect/Engineer setting forth in details the work required by priorities during construction. The Corps of Engineers and Architects have their respective specialization in the field of work buildings (Residential, Commercial, Warehouses and High rise).



  • Supply BU plays an integral part of Almana Group of Companies towards success of global firms. The power to boost customer service, reduce operating cost of goods / services and improve the financial standing of the company. Supply BU will add high value to the "bottom line" by managing costs of the companies' collected revenue.


  • ACDC offers licenses and charges royalty fee for your specific construction needs.
construction management

Construction Management

  • Almana Construction and Development Corporation (ACDC) provides quality services on the management of clients’ construction needs. It specializes in project management technics from planning, coordinating and building the projects. ACDC is committed to sustain a hands-on control on project’s time, cost and quality that guarantees total client satisfaction.
design and consultancy

Design and Consultancy

  • ACDC’s pool of professional who are available and willing to address your needs in planning, architectural designs and engineering plans for your construction requirements.

Fabrication and Aggregates

  • Concrete aggregates, or simply “aggregates”, are basically any collection of rocks. In the aggregation industry, these rocks are classified as crushed stone, sand, gravel and slag. Aggregates serves as reinforcement to add strength to the overall composite material due to its relatively high hydraulic conductivity. That’s why it is used in foundations, basement and other building structures.

    Fabrication on the other hand, serves the inner purpose of construction. Without doors, tables, chairs, furniture and fixtures, even how big they might build, it feels empty at all. Fabrication gives life to a building. The artistic designs and creative concepts of our carpentry department shows the complete process of a construction process. That’s why they go hand-in-hand. Wherever there’s construction, fabrication goes as well.

admin and finance

Administration and Finance

  • Cash Flow and Fund Management

    Accounting Management

    Asset and Custodian Management

    Budget and Cost Control of Projects

    AP and AR Management

    HR and Payroll Management

    Documents and Reports

    Regulatory Compliance

    Admin Support